Best Solution Basement Repairs Testimonials

Affordable Basement Solutions takes pride in delivering world-class service to all of our customers. Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

Kate Anderson

I had a garage that seemed to be sinking in one corner. I had several estimates but chose Affordable Basement Solutions (AFB) because during their estimate they explained that they guaranteed their work. They also said that they would move the block back as close to its original position that they as they could get it. The problem was that the footing on both sides of the corner had broken and the corner was actually falling away from the building and not sinking. The crew completed the entire job in just four days and the price never changed. They cleaned up at the end of each and they made sure that you truly understood everything wrong and how they would fix it. I like a contractor that proactively keeps you informed. Their work is very high quality and that is why they can guarantee their work. It was a pleasure working with the entire crew and I look forward to the another project I can do with them. I highly recommend this company to everyone. They come in and get the job done like it should be. I wish there were more contractors who had this work ethic. Thank you guys, your the best!

Tim Chambers

Job looks great, Tony!! I know this was a small repair, but I just wanted to say a special 'Thank You' for advising us on the more affordable repair option for our porch. You saved us ~ $1100 over replacement cost!!

Gloria C. Letang

What looked like a small vertical crack in the poured cement wall turned out to be more serious. We had an estimate from a well-known local basement repair firm that would literally put a "bandage" on this and the other cracks discovered, at a very pricey estimate. This other company made no guarantees that other cracks would not appear within the next five years (at $800 per crack to repair). Instead, I found Affordable Basement Solutions (ABS). They installed nine steel 4" I-beams (primed) tied into the floor and floor joists along three walls in our basement. They replaced the thin and broken original downspout to the street with a superior downspout (much thicker and more durable). They also added approximately seven tons of pulverized clay along the exterior foundation walls to allow water to drain away from the basement and foundation. ABS used specialized equipment to measure the grade for optimum drainage. They tunneled this drainage pipe all the way to the sidewalk. Turns out that when the city redid the curbs some years ago, they did not reconnect the drainage pipe to the new curb to allow water to eventually drain into the street sewer. Therefore, water never left the yard from the drain. I'm just waiting for our neighbors to mention this same situation so that I can recommend ABS for the job. In conclusion, ABS provided the most sensible, longest lasting, and affordable solution. They got to the root of the problem and gave us peace of mind for decades to come. Cleanup was exceptional. They did a neat job around the landscaping and reclaimed the lawn in a very attractive manner. Tony and Barry are easy to talk to and explain their work clearly in layman's terms. They were respectful and professional in every way. I highly recommend ABS.

Ben Bazmore

Columbus, Ohio

One of my basement Walls had become bowed inward 3 in. Tony and his crew dug out the entire wall outside jacked up the house. The 40 feet of wall was straightened up and moved back out. Before doing the job he informed me that while jacking up the house we may get some small cracks in the dry wall and stucco but I couldn't find any. They installed steel beams to reinforce it as well as another wall. The inspector was also impressed with there work and passed it with fling colors!! Extra mean were taken to waterproof the wall and the installed new window wells at no additional cost. The yard and stoop refurbish was nice too!! Great Job!!!

Russ Greenslade

Columbus, Ohio

Our house had shifted down and forward and became un-level. After ideas from several contractors we decided to hire A.B.S because they were able to give us the best solution for the repairs as well as the cause of our problem. They were very informative through out the whole job and we felt very at ease. Their men were all polite and joyful to work with. While do the job did not appear to take any short cuts, but in fact went farther the expected. The finish was very clean and neat. Sidewalks, shrubs and plants needed to be removed and were replanted and replaced much better than before. We were very impressed. We have recommended them to our friends and they were also very pleased!! Thanks!

Thomas B. Greenslade, Jr.

Gambier, Ohio

"We had a long-lasting problem. A long section of the north wall of the house, with sandstone foundations from 1857 and 1870, was leaking badly in heavy rains due to loss of mortar between the stones and poor control of surface water. Three contractors were consulted, and Affordable Basement Solutions had by far the best thought-out plan. This involved waterproofing the stone by casting a smooth coat of concrete on the outside and overlaying it with a rubber membrane cemented to the surface of the concrete. Drains were installed to draw water that had penetrated into the soil away from the house, and the contour of the land near the house was altered. In another portion of the house the foundation was sealed using the rubber membrane technique and drains were installed. The work caused a minimal disruption of our lawn, which was reseeded where necessary. I was impressed by the flexibility of the construction; as the foundation wall was opened up there were subtle adjustments to the plan to give the optimum results."

"After our recent rains, the drains are discharging water satisfactorily, and the basement smell has changed from the sharp odor of wet wood and stone to a pleasant dry odor. Good work!"

Jack C.

Dublin, Ohio

The back corner of our house was settling due to lack of proper drainage around the foundation over the years since the house was built in the seventies. Affordable Basement Solutions was one of four firms we contacted and proposed the most sensible solution to properly address the problem by far. Affordable Basement Solutions properly realigned our foundation using steel piers driven deep into the ground and strengthened the aligned foundation with concrete and re-graded the soil around the foundation to prevent future water built up. We also put in new drainage tiles to drain the water coming down from the downspouts away from the house towards the street. We also had them put in a new garage floor for us and Affordable Basement Solutions was able to do all of this at the same price others were quoting for only the foundation work.

Everything has held up fine during the first winter since the work and I have every confidence that I will be a happy homeowner for years to come.